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For Your Viewing Pleasure….

January 29, 2010

I’m a starer, always have been.  I’m the one who, when my friends say don’t look, always looks. Sometimes it’s really bad.  Sometimes, I scrunch up my face to make sure what I’m not supposed to be looking at is really there. When I was in college, I was in a meeting with a group of students and a faculty member.  I couldn’t tell you a single thing that was said because the faculty member had a mole and I spent the entire meeting staring at it.  I would catch myself, hope noone saw me staring, and try to refocus.  Inevitably, I would be pulled back in. I’m back at it today and it wasn’t pretty.

While waiting for the elevator, I was joined by two women that work somewhere in the building. Having seen them before, I smiled and said “hello,” and saw it and the staring contest was on.  One of the women’s belly was showing!  At Work!  When I finally looked at her face again, I realized that she is a repeat offender.

I think it is wonderful that women and girls are comfortable in their own skin these days, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us are comfortable in their skin. We are in the workplace and this woman’s stomach is showing.  And while I applaud her for her flat stomach, I don’t really want nor need to see it. 

It’s certainly one way to get people to stop staring at women’s boobs, but I don’t think that was the intended redirection area. And though we work in an environment that allows for some flexibility in the definition of “casual dress,” we’ve strayed from the path a bit.  And there is a time and a place for everything, including belly buttons.

We see it all the time.  Women, young and otherwise, with their arms across their stomachs covering their midsection .  Or yanking on the shirt to pull it down over the exposed belly buttons and butt cracks.  Really???? Stop wearing Underoos that belong to little sisters or daughters.  Get your own shirts!

Nice fitting shirts will show the flat tummies from the not so flat, without peep show.  I was always told that one was supposed to leave SOMETHING to the imagination, not look painted on or show what was eaten for lunch.

There are far better ways to get attention.


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