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Condiments and Sauces, etc…..

March 27, 2011

Never mind keeping track of what people are allergic to or not in my house, I have to worry about who eats what condiments, sauce, yogurt,etc…. Pay attention, there will be a quiz at the end.

Big Daddy:  Hellman’s mayo only, Miracle whip is the devil’s food.  banana peppers, toasted bread-if eating bread, no blood on the plate with the beef, but will eat carpaccio.  American cheese over cheddar on the sandwich.  No couscous because, “it tastes like air.” eggs over pancakes.  Veggies,  veggies, and more veggies.  Meat, meat, and more meat.  fruit, some desserts, but not many. Tea.  No coffee unless its frou-frou.  Ranch dressing.

MiniMe: No salad dressing of any kind.  No condiments on the sandwich, BBQ sauce on everything else.  Lettuce, tomatoes only on sanwiches-not in salads.  Butter on sandwiches, no mayo. Orange juice.  plain milk makes him gag, scrambles eggs, never boiled. Oatmeal. Pancakes.  No fruit-on-the bottom yogurt-must be pre-blended.  Spinach, preferably creamed and most veggies. HAM! Shrimp. Loves sweet potatoes, but will eat white potatoes.  Prefers Alfredo sauce over tomato sauce, but will eat them mixed or separate, doesn’t care.  Previously didn’t like onions, not will eat them on a sandwich.  Will eat plain cabbage  and raw potatoes.  Gravy on the meat, but not the starch. Now likes spicy foods.  Motto: If not nailed down, it will be eaten.

Whirling Dervish: Nothing with a weird texture-No oatmeal, pudding, and only some smoothies. Baked potatoes, no sweet potatoes.  Meat! No fish other than how Grandpa Poppy makes it (fried).  Gluten-free diet.  Rice gives her headaches.  Boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, but favorite are fried but is not a breakfast eater. Milk.  Will eat deviled eggs without paprika.  No nuts, but likes peanut butter.  Prefers Alfredo sauce over tomato sauce, will eat pink sauce. White Bean Soup is favorite.  No shrimp.  Yogurt prefered from a tube, rather than a container.  Cheese, cheese, and more cheese. Corn in any form. No spinach, creamed or otherwise. Gravy on the starch, sometimes the meat. Beans.

Glamour Rayz:  The tangier the better.  Dill pickles by the jar.  Boiled eggs, but only the whites, but will eat deviled eggs.  Baked potato, but no skin on it. Makes her own pesto sauce.  No Alfredo sauce, but will eat tomato or Pink sauce. No crusts ont he sandwiches. Prefers chocolate milk.  Cheeseburgers plain.  Hot dogs with no bun.  Gravy on meat and starch.  Has a sweet tooth.  Syrup and powdered sugar on the waffles.  Likes spicy stuff.  No peas, will tolerate green beans.  Salad either plain or with Italian dressing depending on the mood.  Likes ice in all drinks.

Butter Face (Wonder Dog): Certain lins of dog treats give him bubbly guts. Shoes, but prefers the most smelly of them. Dead stuff from the yard.  Grass. Unattended coffe, but akes him jittery.  Butter (hence the name). Steals food, but prefers, fat, meat. Motto:  Please see MiniMe entry for reference.

And this is what I CAN remember…..Check please!

-Saucy at the Edge


Necessity Breeds…….

March 15, 2011

Chicken, what to do with the chicken? I’ve been saying this to myself for the past three days, knowing chicken was on the menu for tonight. I’m more of a beef and pork kinda gal. At one point I even stopped eating chicken altogether for a few years, because it just got too fleshy for me. But, since it is supposedly healthier than pork and beef, I started up again. But I digress. Back to this evening. So I went to for a new recipe. I was looking for something different and I figured Rachel Ray would have something good and fast, you know 30 minutes and all that jazz.

Honey Nut Chicken Sticks. Sounded interesting, different and I had some honey nut cereal for the coating, along with the rest of the required ingredients. Because the superhero posse is hungry all the time and they’re growing at the speed of light, I doubled the recipe, doubled the ingredients. Got to dredging, and dipping, and coating and ran out of coating with 3/4 of my chicken naked. And I don’t have all the ingredients to make the same coating. Hhmmmmm……..

The good thing is that my parents taught me how to cook, really cook. So I got to work, or as Big Daddy calls it, “my mad scientist mode”, making up a coating for my chicken out of what I had in the pantry. With Whirling Dervish and I on the gluten-free train, the wheels got to screeching and smokin’. Shazaam!

1/4 bag of Cool Ranch Doritos is it for coating number 2. Out came the meat pounder and those Doritos were crumbed in seconds and my stress level was a bit lower as well. But I still didn’t have enough for all my chicken. Whirling Dervish was helping me cook and looked at me liked I had lost a marble or two, and I said, ” Necessity breeds invention my dear.” She still looked puzzled. “Ya got to work with whatcha got, sister.”

With Whirling still eyeing me suspiciously, and in that same snack food vain, I went with microwave popcorn. Orville Rendenbacher to the rescue! I popped the corn, then threw it in food processor with some herbs and spices an a bit of olive oil. And voila, popcorn coating for my naked fowl. Salad and buttered leftover pasta rounded out the chicken tender buffet. Bring on the grub!

And the verdict? Cool Ranch Doritos won, followed up by Orville Redenbacher. Rachel Ray’s Honey Nut coating was good, but brought up the rear because the spice level was too high for the young superheros. Big Daddy and I will have to finish those off.

And so my invention, which I’m sure someone else came up with before, is a keeper. Superheros were sufficiently nourished and quite impressed with my on the spot creativity.

Final score: Edge one, chicken zero! Bring on da bird, baby!

I’m Baaack……

December 2, 2009

I have finally recovered from Thanksgiving…sort of. 

Those that know me, know that while I was an athlete all through high school and college, I am clumsy as hell and manage to injure myself in ways that might never have been discovered until I came along.  And so it was on Thanksgiving morning when I steam cleaned the inside of my nose and my eyeballs all in one shot.

So, I was doing my bit for the Thanksgiving feast.  We we’re expecting a crowd and we’re cooking like crazy. Big Daddy has the Turkey in the oven and is getting ready to put the ham in as well.  Ma is cooking up the candied yams adn dressing with chestnuts and sausage.  I had finished snapping 3000 green beans and had tossed them in a big pot with some onions, seasonings, chicken broth, smoked turkey necks and my favorite thing next to butter, bacon drippings. I turned the fire up and let it do its thing. It did it’s thing alright. 

I heard the pot bubblin’ away and went to check on my beenage.  A quick peek would hurt and I wanted to make sure that weren’t overcooked.  I lifted the lid did a quick flip of the wrist and got a full frontal-USER ERROR, USER ERROR!  As I had turned the lid, it acted like a scoop and lifted a wad of steam directly up my nostrils, which were instantly fried. I flushed my face with cold water, and luckily no permanent physical damage was done, but my DUH meter went up quite a bit.

When Big Daddy came into the kitchen and saw me standing over the sink, my face dripping wet and me squinting like Popeye, he knew that I had done something.  Giving me the  not- again face, he asked, “What’d you do?” “I burnt the inside of my nose,” I say, shaking off the water like a wet retriever. He rolled his eyes and smirked. He asked if I was okay, and then remarked, “Only you….”

Who knew you could burn the INSIDE of your nose???? It did take a few days to realize that I had also cooked my eyeballs and their sockets.  I thought it was my allergies, but then realized that was not so and there was little more to that feeling of someone rubbing steel wool back and forth over my corneas, that fact that I look like I lit a big fat spliff (without the benefits….so I’ve heard), and that my eyes hurt looking at bright light like I’m a bleeping Gremlin.

So, I am going to the Dr. to make sure there is no permanent damage, which will be interesting when I have to explain the nature of my visit…”Uuuuuh, I have green bean burns in my nose and on my eyeballs.”  I can just see all the little question marks floating above the receptionist’s head.

I can just feel my DUH meter inching up a little bit more.




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