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8 Year Olds…..

March 27, 2011

Big Daddy’s  man cave is full of estrogen.  He’s been relegated to the livingroom to watch march madness and  has to side-step tissue paper and nail polish. He’s not happy but it’s Glamour Rayz birthday, so he’s taking one for the team.  A big one. It’s a spa party sleepover. Ten 8-year-old girls had hair done,  cucumber facials, hands and feet painted, with glow-in-the-dark polish no less. Luckily, since it was a spa party, I served veggies and fruit, along with the chicken on-a-stick. We diverged slightly with m&ms and cheese doodles, but hey they’re 8.

After cake, presents, and a great deal of screaming and giggling, the posse changed into the pjs and ambushed Big Daddy’s man cave with sleeping bags, stuffed animals, and a whole lot of pink. More pink that should ever be allowed in a man cave.  Big Daddy staggered out, “You could have warned me!” “I was going to, but they’re moving too fast. It’s the sugar,” I holler as I run down stairs to contain the madness.  We settled in to watch “Ramona and Beezus.” I’m thinking this is a good movie to hold their attention, so  dim the lights and I park it on the chaise with one of the girls, hoping to catch my breath……

Then Butter Face the Wonder dog comes in and unlike Big Daddy, he isn’t happy about the raucous in the man cave and is not trying to take one for the team.  He saunters over everyone lying on the floor and lies directly on my niece. He likes her sleeping bag. She is NOT pleased. I grab his collar and try to get him to lie on his dog bed behind the Big Daddy’s man chair.  His does his doggy circling thing, but then makes a bee line for my niece.  He has to be escorted from the room. Reset.

Things were going well and then there was some wigglin’ goin’ on down in front. Then there’s more.  I look and one of the girls has slithered into the bottom of her sleeping bags head first and is waving her hand out of that little hole where the zipper starts. And then she sticks her head out of the hole and smiles.  I would have told her to settle down, but I was too busy laughing because she looked like a TOTAL nut cheesing with her head sticking out of her pink camouflage sleeping bag (Pink camo is whole ‘nother blog topic for another day, but I digress).  I get the stink eye from the Pink Ladies for disturbing the movie. Meanwhile “Camo Girl” is still flapping like a bird down. “SHHHHHHHH, quiet down in front!” Order restored. Again.

There’s a scene in the movie where Ramona is talking to her childhood friend, now teenage crush, Henry.  At which point, the girl I’m sitting on the chaise with, who is a tom boy through and through, is the chillest kid on the earth and one of my favorite kids in the world, calmly says, “Sometimes girls get shy about talking to boys when they get older.”

Surprised and amused by the statement, I say,”Oh really, ya think so?”  She replies,”Yep, but they’re easy to talk to when they’re your boyfriend.”

I chuckle. “Really?” and jokingly ask, “You have a boyfriend?”

She nonchalantly replies, “Oh yeah, I have two.”  My jaw drops,” Two???!!!” I started laughing so hard with my mouth closed so as not to disturb the movie that I was shaking.

“Michael and David.  And I’m thinking about gettin’ another one.”  I busted out laughing to the dismay of the Pink Ladies.

Trying not to totally blow my cool, I replied, “well, don’t spread yourself too thin…..”

She shrugged, “hmm, maybe.” 

I’m out.

-Sufficiently Spa’d Out at the Edge


Mi Madre….

July 25, 2010

We’re celebrating my mother’s 70 birthday this evening. Nan’s birthday was earlier this month, but between her schedule and ours and to take some of the edge off (pun intended. :)), we agreed to celebrate at a later date.

We all joke about turning into our parents, whether we like it or not.  It took a while for me to realize that I was very much like her.  And while Nan and I, the only daughter she has given birth to, have not always had a smooth road to make our journey ( certainly not do to any imperfections on my part.  :)), I am glad to be so.

  Nan is the most caring, kind, and smartest person, I know.  She understands that everyone needs a friend. Always there to lend a helping hand or kind word, give directions (often while in an entirely different state or country), feed the masses, hold a hand, or just be.  With a deep breathe, a rub of her forehead, and a few minutes to think, an upside down world would be righted again.

When I was lot younger, I used to think that my mother was not “maternal.”  But looking back, she couldn’t have been more so.  Through the scouting, the sporting events, the concerts, the science fairs, the auditions, the term papers, the surgeries and the stitches, she has been there.  She has been there cheering my siblings and me on, believing in us through it all, often reminding us of our own strength when we ourselves had forgotten. She has always been our number one fan, our champion.

My older brother, Uncle Fabulous, Big Daddy, Nan and I were at a party.  We had been there a while and at some point in the evening, Uncle Fabulous, Nan and I ended up in the living room, just the three of us. We were talking our usual stuff, food, books, plays, food.  Another guest wandered in and Uncle fabulous started the introductions.  He introduced himself, then me, then said, ” And this is my mother…”  The man looked confused and asked Uncle Fabulous if he had said his mother, to which my brother nodded, and said, “Yep, that’s my momma.”  The guest looked astonished that as grown adults that we would be at a party, enjoying ourselves with our mother.  Then my brother and I were ones that looked confused. The guest replied, “I could never be at a party with my mother, we don’t get along that way, we wouldn’t have anything to talk about.”  We talked a little more on the subject, then Nan said, I raised my children to be people I would want to be friends with.” My brother and I just looked at each other and smile. …that’s our momma.

I’m sure that I don’t tell Nan thank you enough, what child ever does.  But today, on the celebration of her 70th birthday, Thank you.

I am extraordinarily proud to have you as a mother…..and a friend.

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