So I’m out walking Butterface this morning, it’s 6:00am and I’m in my requisite white, so as to be seen. Someone in an oversized pick-up truck, obviously overcompensating for some baby man parts,
comes speeding up the hill, gets right up on me, then honks. WTF???!!!

It was on one of the main roads in my ‘hood that doesn’t have sidewalks.  The speed limit is 25 mph, but clearly this clown was moving at a far faster clip. People that don’t live in our neighborhood often cut through to avoid traffic on the nearby freeway.  Clearly, they don’t give a flying fluffernutter about the folks who actually live here.

So, my wild imagination takes over and I have a vision of an  accident on this road, where the pick-up truck driver, who has just mowed down a pedestrian, is all upset and crying, telling the police officer, ” I’m soooo sorry, it was an accident!  I’m soooo sorry!”

Is it really an “accident” if you’re flying through a residential neighborhood going 65 mph on a road with a posted limit of 25?

I’ll remember to tell the officer is was an “accident” too, when the officer comes to arrest me for strangling your stupid ass because you were too inconsiderate to slow down.

Stepping of my soapbox now,



One Response to “Accidents……”

  1. Wilcor Says:

    You didn’t get any scratch, did you? hope not.. not even any tarnish on your white apparel? gud if nothing… so from a dotting momma: Stop, look and listen… look ahead, to the left, and to the right, look around, lest some maniac’s on the loose… like that crazy clown~ luv yur blog!

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