Condiments and Sauces, etc…..

Never mind keeping track of what people are allergic to or not in my house, I have to worry about who eats what condiments, sauce, yogurt,etc…. Pay attention, there will be a quiz at the end.

Big Daddy:  Hellman’s mayo only, Miracle whip is the devil’s food.  banana peppers, toasted bread-if eating bread, no blood on the plate with the beef, but will eat carpaccio.  American cheese over cheddar on the sandwich.  No couscous because, “it tastes like air.” eggs over pancakes.  Veggies,  veggies, and more veggies.  Meat, meat, and more meat.  fruit, some desserts, but not many. Tea.  No coffee unless its frou-frou.  Ranch dressing.

MiniMe: No salad dressing of any kind.  No condiments on the sandwich, BBQ sauce on everything else.  Lettuce, tomatoes only on sanwiches-not in salads.  Butter on sandwiches, no mayo. Orange juice.  plain milk makes him gag, scrambles eggs, never boiled. Oatmeal. Pancakes.  No fruit-on-the bottom yogurt-must be pre-blended.  Spinach, preferably creamed and most veggies. HAM! Shrimp. Loves sweet potatoes, but will eat white potatoes.  Prefers Alfredo sauce over tomato sauce, but will eat them mixed or separate, doesn’t care.  Previously didn’t like onions, not will eat them on a sandwich.  Will eat plain cabbage  and raw potatoes.  Gravy on the meat, but not the starch. Now likes spicy foods.  Motto: If not nailed down, it will be eaten.

Whirling Dervish: Nothing with a weird texture-No oatmeal, pudding, and only some smoothies. Baked potatoes, no sweet potatoes.  Meat! No fish other than how Grandpa Poppy makes it (fried).  Gluten-free diet.  Rice gives her headaches.  Boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, but favorite are fried but is not a breakfast eater. Milk.  Will eat deviled eggs without paprika.  No nuts, but likes peanut butter.  Prefers Alfredo sauce over tomato sauce, will eat pink sauce. White Bean Soup is favorite.  No shrimp.  Yogurt prefered from a tube, rather than a container.  Cheese, cheese, and more cheese. Corn in any form. No spinach, creamed or otherwise. Gravy on the starch, sometimes the meat. Beans.

Glamour Rayz:  The tangier the better.  Dill pickles by the jar.  Boiled eggs, but only the whites, but will eat deviled eggs.  Baked potato, but no skin on it. Makes her own pesto sauce.  No Alfredo sauce, but will eat tomato or Pink sauce. No crusts ont he sandwiches. Prefers chocolate milk.  Cheeseburgers plain.  Hot dogs with no bun.  Gravy on meat and starch.  Has a sweet tooth.  Syrup and powdered sugar on the waffles.  Likes spicy stuff.  No peas, will tolerate green beans.  Salad either plain or with Italian dressing depending on the mood.  Likes ice in all drinks.

Butter Face (Wonder Dog): Certain lins of dog treats give him bubbly guts. Shoes, but prefers the most smelly of them. Dead stuff from the yard.  Grass. Unattended coffe, but akes him jittery.  Butter (hence the name). Steals food, but prefers, fat, meat. Motto:  Please see MiniMe entry for reference.

And this is what I CAN remember…..Check please!

-Saucy at the Edge


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5 Responses to “Condiments and Sauces, etc…..”

  1. dianne Says:

    ORANGES! NECTARINES!! I have never seen a family consume more citrus fruits than the Royal British Navy under attack from George Washington! I mean c’mon!, how could you not mentioned the fresh fruit consumption that takes place in that house.

    When you left me to take care of your little darlings and showed me a fruit display worthy of a Henry VIII or Louis the Sun King or a rendering by one of the Dutch masters I was convinced that I would also be taking care of fruit bats! But NO!!!! your lovelies took to that basket like scurvy was chasing them! And that little one would balance it out with a small serving of canned manderines!!!!

    • edgeofcrazy Says:

      Ya know, I didn’t even think about the fruit we consume. We currently have apples, oranges, plums, pears, grapes and strawberries on hand.

      It IS a little intense. 🙂

  2. heather Says:

    J calls tomato soup potato soup, which Lucio always forgets and then tries to serve him potato soup always when I am on a business trip and it makes me laugh and J cry. And Certain things J only calls by spanish words, so when he’s with my Mom, I get calls on her speaker phone something like this “hi, what the hell is he asking for?. Say it again J…” Oh and J doesn’t like skin anymore, so i find piles of apple peel and he’s been known to ask me to take the skin of grapes. Peel you a grape? why yes, my young warrior, why the fruck not?

  3. edgeofcrazy Says:

    That’s my Handsome Jack! No slouching around my boy. Waht is it with the apple skins? When my kis were smaller, you’ think little agnry beavers live here. Apple skins everywhere. Luckily, they seemed to have grown out of it.

  4. BBQ Sauce for Canning | Suburbhomestead's Blog Says:

    […] Condiments and Sauces, etc….. ( […]

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