Side Effects Include…..

Disclaimer:  Take any and all medications prescribed by your health care provider/s.  I’m not a medical professional, I just play one on TV.  Just yammering on.  Now that’s is out-of-the-way…..

I love how the commercials for meds have a voice quickly rattle off the list of side effects for a particular drug.  And the voice is always sooooo pleasant, particularly while mentioning that eye-twitching, unconscious eating, neck fur, burning, itching, blisters, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fainting, mood swings, heart attacks, strokes, suicidal thoughts, and even death could result. Makes me want to make a bee line to the pharmacy. It’s a wonder anyone takes medication. 

My favorite is the oily discharge.  This one results from taking those fat blocker drugs when working on weight management.  It was also a warning when eating those WOW chip that were fat blockers. Wow is right!  I had thought about trying said weight loss medication, but this particular side effect gave me SERIOUS pause. Humans were not meant to ooze anything. From anywhere.  That would be all I need to be chowin’ down at work, eating some fat blocker chips with my cheeseburger and just spewing like an oil rig in the gulf of Mexico. Mud butt is acceptable on small children, and even then it’s gross.  Yeow!

Nacho lube is not worth ANYTHING  one is trying to get rid of no matter what the heck is wrong with ya. Ever.

-Fat and Happy at the Edge


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