Stress Reduction……

I’m a firm believer in therapy and therapeutic drugs should one need them.  But for my general mental health, there’s nothing better than a little boob tube for my weekly therapy.

It’s Sunday night.  Time to get my weekly cry on, relieve some stress. First, it was the Extreme Home Makeover. Big Daddy and I, along with the kids, would settle in to hear the family’s story. Both softies at heart and feeling compassion for the trials and tribulations, inevitably, our eyes would well up, reminded that while our life at the Edge might be crazy, we have a great deal to be thankful for. The young super heroes would mock us and our sappiness.

Now it’s Secret Millionaire. It’s always interesting to see the people of means arrive at the airport to pick up their car and drive to the ‘hood.  They also have to live off approximately $45 a week, the average amount of food stamps.  The moving part is the folks and the organizations that they come in contact with that despite seemingly insurmountable odds, with faith and hope, believe the world can be a better place by giving of oneself to make it so.  And then their faces when the millionaire returns with a donation is moving. Again, it reminds us that they are good people out there, rich with money, and rich with grace.  We tell our children that everyone needs help at some point or another, and even the smallest amount of help can make a world of difference.

Thursdays are the night to get my laugh on.  All evening, TruTv has shows about the dumbest people and the dumbest people tricks, or rather attempts at tricks, from around the world. It’s the Smoking Gun’s Dumbest series and they make me laugh so hard, I can’t breathe. These people have got to be out of their minds, and what comes to mind every time  I watch those shows is, just because you can doesn’t mean you should.  These clowns do asinine stunts like trying to ride down stairs in a shopping cart, or a back flip off a vending machine. I know the medical profession watches these shows with dollar signs in their eyes because these numb nuts are keeping the medical profession afloat.  You have to wonder how proud their parents must be that their children are showing to the world that paper is smarter than they are.  We remind the young super heroes not to try any of that nonsense at home. Or elsewhere for that matter. I guess I should be thankful for the TruTV crowd, though, since they are lowering my blood pressure and stress levels on a weekly basis.

-Cryin’ and Laughin’ at the Edge


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