Out of Gas……

Over the past year and particularly, in the past couple of days, I’ve gotten emails and Facebook event requests to join the “Gas War.” While I understand the intention behind the information, there’s a couple of things that we have to consider.

The Gas War email/invite has been circulating since 2001. The gist of it is that if we and the 300 million other people who are to get the same email, do not buy gas on Wednesdays, this will reduce the oil company profits which will force them to lower the gas prices. But here’s the deal. So we don’t buy the gas on Wednesday. We still have to buy the gas on the other days of the week, so basically all this does is shift the profits to say Tuesday or Thursday, rather than Wednesday. The oil companies will still be making their money, they will just have less for their bean counters to do on Wednesday, or rather Thursday morning. The other bit that doesn’t work is that most gas stations are independently owned and operated, which means the oil companies aren’t getting hurt, the small, local business owner gets hurt.

So how do we get the gas prices to go down? To put a dent in gas consumption, folks would have to do a few things(from MSNBC.COM):

1) STEP OFF THE PEDALS: Don’t punch the gas or slam on the brakes. This could reduce gas consumption on average by up to 31 percent.

2) SLOW DOWN: As our speedometer creeps over 60, our gas efficiency drops dramatically. Depending on how big your lead foot is, you can save anywhere from 7 to 23 percent. There’s only a 7 minute difference in arrival time when dropping your speed from 70 mph to 55 mph on a 30-mile trip.

3) FILL ‘ER UP/EMPTY ‘ER OUT: Fill up your tires that is. Change your oil filter regularly. And get that junk out of your trunk.

With the first two, especially, it means that some of us need to leave earlier, right? We gas around on two wheels cutting the time close to get to our destinations. Figuring out travel time and adding say 10 or 15 minutes might help us cut down on consumption so we’re not pulling off the light like we’re at the pole position at Daytona. I’m guessing it’s will probably help lower our stress levels as well. Just a thought.

The really big way to lower gas prices is to lower consumption, to lower demand, which means we have to find ways to decrease our usage. Maybe the GAS WAR should be that once a week, we carpool, or walk, take public transportation, or find some alternative method of transportation that will cut consumption.


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One Response to “Out of Gas……”

  1. Ruben Says:

    Absolutely right! I have argued with friends about this for years. It is a lifestyle change not a fad that will make a difference!(just like dieting)

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