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Party of One……

February 16, 2011

She’s either walking ahead of the group or floatin’ along behind. When we’re out in public, not that I am not keeping track of my brood, but with that one in particular we have to keep an eye. For instance, My friend and I had taken our young superheros out on the mall of our nation’s capitol to one of the various events. We were walking back to the car, talking, enjoying the summer day, a along doing a visual headcount. One was not close by, it was Glamour Rayz. I looked ahead, no Glamour. Looked behind and there she was, swinging on one of the chains that is used to partition off grassy areas. She was sitting there, just a swinging, and a singing, not caring one bit that we had moved on. That’s my girl, Glamour, Party of One.

The other night, we were standing in line waiting to get tickets to a concert. We were in the line on the right, she was standing to my left. I got the tickets and backed away from the table. Glamour was so engrossed in the person standing in the other line, I thought she had decided that she was trading up and was going to go with that family. With a clap and call, she snapped out of her zone and I guess decided to join us. Glamour, party of one.

During the recent snow days, Glamour Rayz, Whirling Dervish, and Whirling’s best friend, McGillicuddy, decided to take a red wagon full of snowballs over to a friend’s house in preparation for an impending neighborhood snowball fight. Whirling was pulling the wagon along, trying to maneuver around the piles of shoveled snow, not quite understanding that the wagon goes where she goes, having a bit of difficulty. To compound the problem, Glamour stepped between Whirling and wagon, and got run over. Blammo, face plant in the snow.

Now one would think that being run over by a wagon would make Glamour more alert, and perhaps avoid getting in between Whirling and the wagon. Nope, not my Glamour Rayz. She did it not once, not twice, but three or four times, leaving body outlines all the way down the street. McGillicuddy’s mom, one of my girls, Red Lantern, was getting a migraine from yelling at them to get out of each others’ way. And so it went all the way to the neighbor’s house. Red Lantern needed a drink upon return.

I really should rent Glamour and her other siblings out for people to test their stress management or children rearing skills.

To be sure, Glamour Rayz is very bright, and handles her business when necessary. Secure in her own abilities, she just doesn’t feel the need to let everyone else know what she knows and doesn’t care either. An admirable trait for sure.

She’s also very shrewd. People are often fooled by Glamour’s petite stature, doe eyes and perceived aloofness. Add a little stubbornness , and some glitter(the shinier the better!) to the mix and poof! It’s a brown-eyed bedazzled diva! That’s Glamour Rayz!

I feel sorry for those who end up in her wake when she gets older. They’re doomed. But for now, I’ll take my Glamour girl, doin’ her own thang. One party at a time.


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