Daddy’s Girl…..

My heart hurts.  I miss my dad so bad I can’t breathe. It’s ironic that at one time I rolled my eyes at a woman who said that though her father had passed away 14 years earlier, she ahdn’t gotten over it.  Being young and clearly clueless, I was thinking to myself, “Oh she has got to get over that, it’s been a long time.” But I just didn’t understand.

I love my momma to death, and am proud to be a great deal like her, so this is no slight to her parenting abilities.  But I am a daddy’s girl and always have been.  And though he passed away in 2000, I’m still his girl.

To be sure, he was by no means perfect, and in fact, drove me crazy on the regular.  But he was mine and could make things better. 

Sometimes it’s a song on the radio, a meal just eaten, or a smell that brings him to mind.  Cigars and Lavender.  My dad smelled of lavender from the soap he used everyday. He taught my brothers and I the box step in our kitchen.

Under stress, I wish he were here to talk to.  He had a way of bringing things back to reality(and telling me to stop being a drama queen) and making me understand that there was nothing that I couldn’t handle.  When he came to visit just after Mini-Me was born and I was frazzled from dealing with a gassy baby, he said,”Ya hear that?” All I could hear was Mini crying like his head was going to pop off, “What?” 

“Boobula(my nickname), that’s the sound of life! Wow, that is the sound of life!” It changed my perspective. (A nap helped too, but you get my drift.)

And after a few days of what I believe is the beginning of my mid-life moment(crisis is a bit extreme for the time being), I am missing him something fierce.

Of course, he would probably just say, “Boobula, your mid-life moment, that’s just life.”


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2 Responses to “Daddy’s Girl…..”

  1. Tami Says:

    Lobster always, always makes me think of Uncle Fred, because he took me on a date once–just the two of us–and taught me how to pick, de-shell and grub down on a good lobster. I never forgot that, and I still miss him too!

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