A Little Off The Top…..

Note to Self–Don’t EVER say, “You need a haircut,” to a child unless you are on your way to the barber shop or the kiddie hair salon. I did once and woke up to a partially bald second grader.

“You need a hair cut,”  I said innocently after picking Number1Son up from the bus stop on a Friday afternoon. 

I woke up the next morning and went to the bathroom. When I got back to our bedroom and I saw two legs sticking out from my side of the bed, on the floor. “What are you doing down there—-Yowza!”  Number1 stood up while covering his head with his arms.  I saw scalp on most of the left side and one little curl at his hairline and did a sharp inhale. 

“Whaaaaaat did you do? Lemme see.”  He took his arms down and  I busted out laughing. 

“You said I needed a haircut,”  He cries. To which I reply, laughing , “I said you needed a haircut, NOT you need to give yourself a haircut.”

“Big Daddy, Big Daddy, wake up, look!”  BD rolled over, smiled, and chuckled.  I think Number1 was a little taken aback by our reactions, then he was embarrassed and told us not to laugh. “We’ve all done it son.  All kids do it,” BD reassured him. Nothing to do but laugh, really.”  I reassured him that I too had cut my own hair, and then laughed some more.  Number1Son wasn’t amused.

To add to the excitement of it all, Number1 was scheduled to have two staples removed from his head from an injury the previous week. So, we popped a hat on Number1’s head and off we go to the Dr.’s office.  Number1 took off the hat and the doctor got a gander at his self-grooming techniques. Te doctor smiled, “Wow! Keep your day job, young man and stick to cutting paper lest we see you in here for more staples.”

Since the whole left side was scalp and Number1 was due to be in a wedding in two weeks, Big Daddy had no choice but to shave his whole head.  “You look just like Daddy.”You look like the Golden Child,” I say. BD and I have another good laugh.  Number1 is still not amused.

Little did I know Number1Son was setting the precedent for his siblings.  All three of them.

Stay tuned….


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2 Responses to “A Little Off The Top…..”

  1. Camile Says:

    I loved this entry! I had almost forgotten when my boy, X, cut his hair the evening before his entrance interview for school. The school has no sibling guarantee and we were so nervous you would have thought he was entering an ivy league university. I walked into his room to get him ready for his bath and there he was, in all his glory, with a variety of patches and poofs. My mouth hit my chest, my hands went to my head, and I tried to inhale before afull cardiac arrest. His pride beamed from the spots on his scalp as he answered the question that was so obvious in my expression.

    He said, “Mommy, I wanted to look special!” I told him, “Oh, you look “special” alright!” (insert short bus “honk honk”) I rushed him over to my sister’s house and my brother in law shaved his head. Have you seen his hair lately? I might have forgotten but it’s obvious that he never has!

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