Things One Might Hear at the Edge…..

There are things one might overhear at the Edge on any given day…..

Mini-Me: “I like Latin better, It’s more gooder.”  Me: “Great, it will help with your English too…”

Whirling Dervish: “Aren’t I creatful?” Me: Huh? “Oh, the word is creative.”

Me: ” Stop stunning you’re sister, It’s not nice.”

Me: “Stop licking your brother, it’s gross.”

Me: “No you may not dry off in the dryer.”

Me: “Did you wash?” Any of the children: “Yeeees.  Me: “…with soap??? (insert cricket chirping here)

Whirling Dervish (on whining all the time): ” I whine, it’s what I do. Get over it.”

Me (to Mini-Me, while cleaning out his underwear drawer): “These have holes in them!: ‘Mini-Me:Yes, mother, where would I put my legs?”

Mini-Me (playing with my belly): “Mom, you’re so squishy!” Me: “It’s you and your sisters fault.”

Big Daddy(rubbing his belly): “Baby, you hit the lottery with me!” Me: “Is that so?”

Me:”Why is your athletic cup taped to your hockey stick???” Mini-Me:”It’s a hand guard, mom. duh.”

Me:”Pick your friends, not your nose.  And don’t pick your friend’s nose.”

Me: “Underwear and socks are to be changed EVERYDAY!”

Glamourayz (in the truck): “Close the windows! My eyeballs are wobbling back here!”


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4 Responses to “Things One Might Hear at the Edge…..”

  1. Heather Says:

    You: “Well in the big picture, a 401k can do lots that is benificial ~ YELLOW CAR ~ and that is why we should all have them.” 🙂

  2. Heather Says:

    Underwear and socks. everyday. it’s not asking too much. I think it’s I dont know what is the word – um, sanitary.

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