The Inevitable….

There is always that moment when you say things that your parents used to say to you when you were a kid and you realize that you have crossed over.  Remember, “In or out!” as the screen door slammed? Or, the old stand by, “ Because I said so!”  My stepson, Number1Son, will be turning 17 next month, which got me to thinking back to that first time I realized what we had become. 

Number1Son had gotten into trouble at the child care center, following an older boy who was behaving inappropriately towards a girl.  Upon hearing what happened, we were determined to let Number1 know just how we felt about the whole thing.   I was upset, and Big Daddy was so mad he couldn’t speak.  So, we sat Number1 down at the table to talk this over. I blasted into him about not treating girls in that manner, he should know better, and asked him why he did it.  His response was that he had done it because Jamal had done it.  I was hot, and promptly remembered what my father had always said in “follow the leader” moments such as this. And then it hit me.

Dang, it is true, we do turn into them sooner or later and here we are. Well, go for it.

 So, with the parental authority voice on, I responded, “If Jamal jumped off a cliff, you would do the same?” -just as my father would ask us.

After a brief pause, with a stoic face, my son replied, “Well, how high is the cliff?” 

Big Daddy looked at me and did what any father would do at such a moment.  He jumped up and ran out of the room and busted out laughing.  I sat there big eyed, and red faced, stunned by his response.  I knew I couldn’t laugh–my husband had already claimed that response.  So I opted for the response any self-respecting parent would, I shouted.


Of course, it was hard to ear me over my husband, who was still laughing hysterically.  I could have killed him right along with my son, who was wearing a triumphant smirk on his little five year-old face.

I put them both on punishment.


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One Response to “The Inevitable….”

  1. Heather Says:

    I’ve always known I would have loved your father.

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