What’s in a Name……

I knew when I decided to start my blog that I would need a catchy name to draw in readers.  Since nothing was popping off  the top of my head, I decided to go to Google and search for some name generators.  I went to a couple, but nothing leapt off the page, though “Fantasia Heavenridge” is my new stripper name. I started thinking about words to describe the insanely, frenzied pace at which my family functions on a regular basis.  CRAZY definitely fit.

I went to the Blog set-up page and typed in Crazy, but it was already taken.  After a few other iterations that were also in use popped up, I decided to just try putting my initials in front of “crazy.” If using my given name, my first initial would be an”R,” but I normally go by a nickname that begins with a “B”. Tried “BCrazy”, no dice; tried “BeeCrazy.” Already taken.  So I decided to throw the first letter of my last name in the mix.  Success! That name wasn’t taken.  I then completed the rest of the sign-up page and was just about to hit the button that would have sealed my blogging fate forever. Then I saw my new blog name staring back at me,”BJCrazy.”…… My husband like it.

edgeofcrazy it is.


5 Responses to “What’s in a Name……”

  1. Rita Zimmerman Says:


  2. Lori Says:

    I’ve read all your posts thus far and they are fabulously wonderful! Love you sister!

  3. Chaya Grant Says:

    It took me a minute but I love it. Def.funny. I like reading your blogs. You make me feel like I have so much more developing to go as a writer yet I long for that frenzied married life with many children to come. I become lost in your words and really enjoy reading your work. As long as you write I’ll make reading it a part of my routine like watching Desperate Housewives and Nip Tuck on Sundays and Wednesdays. Keep it up Becca!

    • edgeofcrazy Says:

      Thanks girlie, I really appreciate it. I wanted to do a book, but wasn’t quite there yet. I have shared quite a few stories with my colleagues, who all encouraged me to do something with my writing, so I started the blog. Take your time with the many children part, girl. They will come when they are supposed to. Go do things, TRAVEL, be a hometown tourist, and read EVERYTHING and try to find humor in all things, it’s what gets us all through. These will give you places from which to jump off and write. And just keep writing. Start a blog of your own. It helps if you know that other people are going to read it, like you have someone you’re writing for. Love you, do your thing.

  4. geof grant Says:


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